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ATS Diesel Performance

ATS Diesel Performance is dedicated to helping you maximize the performance of your diesel truck. We manufacture, distribute, and install the highest quality diesel truck products available for your truck. We provide complete diesel upgrade solutions that reliably increase your diesel's power, and efficiently get your power to the ground.  We specialize in designing and manufacturing -->


transmission systems that can handle the power of your diesel.                           When we couldn't find a torque converter on the market capable of handling the power of today's diesel trucks, we designed and built our own — the TripleLok.™  TripleLok™ is the only torque converter with a lockup clutch that can handle the power of your high performance diesel truck.

Advanced Turbo Systems

ATS was started more than a decade ago by the founder, after he had worked in high elevation oil exploration. A solid engineering background and practical experience with diesel engines prompted him to look for a better way when diesel pickups were found to be lacking in power, yet offered so many advantages as far as maintenance, operating cost and longevity.

The new turbocharging system was originally developed for just a couple of trucks. This led to the development of Advanced Turbo Systems after many positive reactions and requests for more power from fellow workers, friends, family and other businesses. Steve Benson and his wife Janeil have developed ATS with a commitment to excellence and a determination to produce the best turbocharging systems that offer the ultimate in performance, reliability and longevity.

Still, these units can be easily understood and self-installed by the average truck owner. These proven top performers are created for General Motors 6.2 liter diesel and Ford's 6.9/7.3 diesels.


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The overwhelming success of Advanced Turbo Systems and its versatile turbocharging systems for pickups, vans and Suburbans can be measured not only by the units sold, but by customer praise, word of mouth sales and recognition from major auto companies.

The Advanced Turbo System offers optimum efficiency, longevity, reliability and a design that encourages do-it-yourself installation. Advanced Turbo Systems was developing and marketing turbocharging kits for light trucks, vans and Suburbans long before the turbo popularity skyrocketed, ATS still is at the forefront of the current technology.


TST Products
SW Performace Diesel is now carrying select TST Products.  Power Upgrades and Accessories for the Dodge Cummins 5.9,  and the Chev/GMC Duramax Diesels.



TST Products INC.

The PowerMax for the Duramax will wake your sleeping truck up.  It comes with a adjustable remote with built in pyrometer, boost and power level displays and will allow the user to select a power level setting, a torque enhancement setting an the desired high temperature for the exhaust gas temperature cutback.  All settings can be adjusted on the fly for maximum driving pleasure.

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