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Mountain Riding Accessories

Fabcraft create cutting-edge specialty snowmobile products designed to give you that edge, whether you are competing, or just trying to hang on. 
Poly Bar


(Semi-ridged sidehilling strap.)
Product Page for part numbers and mounting options.)
Arctic Cat Length Bracket
1900-1996 all types without handle bar mountade gages 12" "A" type
1997 ZR440, ZR581-0, ZL440, Z440 14" "A" type
1997 puma, jag, cougar, all EXTs, powder special, powder extreme all ZRTs, thunder cat 12" "A" type
1998 ZR440, ZR500, ZR600, ZL440, powder special powder extreme 14" "A" type
1998 jag, cougar, all EXTs, all ZRTs, thunder cat 12" "A" type
1999 - 2001 jag, thunder cat 12" "A" type
1999 - 2001 powder specials 14" "C" type
1999 - 2001 all others 14" "A" type
Polaris Length Bracket
1990 - 1999 all models 14" "A" type
2000 - 2001 RMKs 14" No bracket needed
If shorter bar is desired: 12" "B" type
Ski-Doo Length Bracket
1996 - 2001 all models 14" "A" type
If shorter bar is desired: 12" "A" type
Yamaha Length Bracket
1990 - 1998 Phaser & Exciter series 12" "A" type
1994 - 2001 (all models) 12" "A" type

Poly Peg

(Hill climbing or drag racing foot pegs.)
See Product Page for color options and part numbers.)
Arctic Cat One size fits all
Polaris One size fits all
Ski-Doo One size fits all
Yamaha One size fits all

Poly Pads

(Running board traction pads.)
(See Product Page for part numbers and color options.)
(4 pieces) 6 " x 18" you must custom fit to your running board. 4 (pieces) pre-cut to fit any sled. (2 pieces) will fit all sleds
Arctic Cat One size fits all One size fits all One size fits all
Polaris One size fits all One size fits all One size fits all
Ski-Doo One size fits all One size fits all One size fits all
Yamaha One size fits all One size fits all One size fits all

Handle Bar Riser Blocks

(Riser blocks that fit between the steering post and handle bar.)
(Black only)
1 rise
2" rise
Arctic Cat
All sleds
All sleds
All sleds
All sleds
All sleds
All sleds
94-2001 V-Max & Mountain Max
Not Available
Some sleds may have shorter cables, so make sure the cables are long enough before ordering.

Roll Grips

(Grips that mount on the outer roll of the running board.)
(See Product Page for part numbers and color options.)
Arctic Cat One size fits all
Polaris One size fits all
Ski-Doo One size fits all
Yamaha One size fits all

Grommets   (for poly bar)

(These grommets give the holes in the handle bar cover a clean finished look when used with the Poly Bar)
(Black only.)
Grommets fit in stock handle bar covers on 1998 and Newer Arctic Cats
Part #  93-617 One size fits all


ADSA Spindles (For Ski-Doo ADSA suspensions.)

Light weight billet aluminum spindles for Ski-Doo ADSA suspensions. Spindles are made of 7075 Billet aluminum. Steering arms are made of 6061 aluminum. Each spindle has a grease zirc on the ski bushing.                        2 1/2 lbs. weight savings.                                                                      These spindles give you 3/4" more ride height over stock spindles. This helps get the nose of the sled up and out of the powder. No modifications needed. New offset design allows you to change ski stance by 2".                    Spindles come in a brushed finish, however they can be polished to a high gloss luster.




Fabcraft Fuel Pressure Regulator


Fabcraft Pressure Regulator

(For Arctic Cat batteryless EFI systems.)

Check out the new Batteryless EFI Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

Do you have problems with your Arctic Cat batteryless EFI motor running to rich or lean, or have you added pipes, heads or other performance mods, but it has never run right?                                                                EFI motors are very similar to carborated motors in the fact that if pipes or heads are added, you need to adjust the fuel flow to achieve the proper burn temperature and performance.                                            Many out of the box sleds have a low and mid range bog that can be adjusted out with a simple fuel pressure adjustment.                              Our plug and play adjustable EFI regulator will help lean or richen your EFI system with the simple twist of the regulator screw.                              The Fabcraft EFI regulator comes with a high quality adjustable regulator, fluid filled gage and fuel rail attachment assemble.                   No cutting and splicing of the fuel lines or mounting brackets are needed. You simply remove your stock regulator and bolt our regulator in its place.                                                                                        15 minute installation.
Comes with mounting instructions.

Will not work on systems with in tank pressure regulators.


Chrome Molly A-arms

(For Arctic Cats with AWS V front suspensions.)
Arctic Cat Length
98 and newer
(With AWS V front suspension - Requires 2000 or newer ZR spindels)
With stock Arctic Cat bulk head 43" stance
With 5300 series Fabcraft bulk head 37" stance
With 5301 series Fabcraft bulk head 41" stance
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